Urban Design 2017
Milano Porta Nuova
Vivere l´Italian Style

Isola, Garibaldi and Porta Nuova
This urban area is a fusion of tradition and modernity, a melange of history and of new investment. On the one hand there is the Isola district - which conserves its own independent identity - and on the other the newly redeveloped Porta Nuova district that has changed the face of a large portion of Milan, fostering new connections between places that were previously completely separated. And then there is Porta Garibaldi with its buzzing nightlife and Cimitero Monumentale, Milan’s open-air museum.
We mistrust this new development and don´t believe in a healing, linking and all calming new investment - Is this new development with its high prices for every squaremeter really a development, which balances between the historical, mixed (and also mor or less payable appartments) Isola district and the inner city?
So we placed a new district in between, which brings together th structures of different quarters around it and protected the Isola district.