my work as foreign affairs officer

I always was concerned about strong partnerships with a other, selected universities that I work closely with in a mutual relationship. I built a strong network and, in addition, worked spontaneously on individual agreements. The big advantage of such an international network is that students can realize their desire to enhance their studies while living abroad and are not forced to work only with our standard university partners. Students could choose freely in which country and which city they wanted to stay. I promoted the student intensively to organize a favorable location to them. Our mutual obligation to accept students and their work remains the biggest advantage of belonging to our standard university partners.

“Take the chance to breath other architecture understandings.”

But the architectural trends and economic conditions are changing all the time. Exactly at this point, I tried and gave students good, profound advice about a destination that was best for them. With this advice, I considered seriously the personal and professional life plan of the student and I reacted specifically to their desires and goals. My experience has proven to me that this independent and spontaneous system of agreement (for one semester, for one student, etc.) gave best results and was satisfactory to the students.
Examples of successful students abroad include some who have lived and studied in South Africa, United States-Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand and various European countries, especially the metropoles like Paris, Barcelone, Berlin, Milan, Oslo; also the old, traditional Universities of Prague, Warsaw and Krakow.

During my activities as foreign affairs officer, I began partnershiops with the Politecnico die Milano, The EHU San Sebastian, The QTECH Qingdao, the University of Sevilla, the ENSA Strasbourg, the Gdansk University of Technology, the Warsaw Technical University, the Lusufona University in Lisbon, the University of Liechtenstein, the AHO Oslo, the Technical University of Ukhta, Russia