Rhizomatic Mapping Berlin 2012
Planet Fiber RAW-area Friedrichshain

What is Fiber?
"A Fiber can be understood as an organizing grain or thread. In terms of city form it is a linear space. Contemporary cities are full of these kinds of fibers, one example being the extensive transportation system that extends from air to ground to underground throughout any urban conurbation. In much the same way, the communication network that supports and connects the city is shaped by the logic of its function, and takes on a similar fiber-like configuration. Fibers are spaces with velocity. Shopping streets are another species of fiber. The Fiber City is a comprehensive model of a future city that accepts changes as the normal state of affairs"
source: Tokyo2050 http://www.fibercity2050.net
We use this strategy to find an urban strategy for the abandonned area of the former RAW in Berlin friedrichshain. Students started with diagrams and vectors, the formal output was an effect, not a basic element.