Urban Design, Latvia 2018|2019
TabFab Riga

Students have to do an urban design for the whole area with an architectural concept for the inner area of the creative district.
The development of the creative quarter of the Tobacco Factory builds up a favourable ecosystem in the sector of creative industries, including the development of innovations, and facilitates communication and cooperation between all parties involved.
The task for creating a creative quarter in the former Tobacco Factory in Riga, at Miera iela 58, is to develop an innovation-friendly infrastructure and facilitate generation of innovations in the sector of creative industries and their interaction with other sectors.
In the future, the creative quarter of the Tobacco Factory will be a place with favourable conditions for creation and consumption of culture encouraging public involvement and networking. The quarter of the former Tobacco Factory will become an important local cultural space, a venue for local people, artists, students and entrepreneurs where to gather, where to study, live, work, create and consume products of culture.