UN Habitat Competition 2020|2021
Central City Square Rahovec

TThe International Design Competition was organized within the project Leading Urban Change in Rahovec through revitalization of the Central City Square. The aim of the project is to promote urban regeneration and the development of public spaces through inclusive, transparent and innovative methods of urban planning and design.
The project is funded by the Municipality of Rahovec and implemented with the technical support of UN-Habitat. Rahovec is ranked among the municipalities with the highest transparency and accountability index in Kosovo.
The objective of this competition was to find a visionary urban design solution for the future of Rahovec’s city centre. Firstly, it is crucial to change the sojourn quality of the public space. Secondly, to stimulate the city’s economic climate, by promoting the city’s long history and its rich tradition as a centre of Kosovo’s wine region by redesigning the city’s central area to a recreational as well as festive space.

Therefore, a common vision could be summarized in this sentence:
“The central square as a new identity and landmark for the city, which offers safe access to public and green spaces for residents of all ages and genders, creates new opportunities for business development and promotes urban regeneration of other public spaces, creating thus an organized and functional network in urban and rural areas”.