Urban Design Competition 2019|2020
Viinikanlahti Tampere

In 2019 –2020, the City of Tampere will organise an international competition open to all regarding the land, shore, and water areas in Viinikanlahti, which are owned by the City and located on the southernside of the city centre.
In the 21st century, Tampere is among the most attractive and most rapidly growing cities in Finland. Tampere is connected to all of Finland as well as the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the rest of the world through the busiest railway and traffic connections in Finland.
The competition area is located by Lake Pyhäjärvi and right at the edge of the Tampere city centre. In addition to the city centre, the surrounding area includes industrial activities, traffic areas, office job areas, housing areas, Hatanpää Hospital, and the historic Hatanpää Manor and Manor Park. The competition area consists of the former agricultural land of Hatanpää Manor. Urbanisation changed the land use in the area. In the past century, the area has mainly comprised industrial, warehouse, and technical maintenance functions. The shores have been modified and filled on several occasions over the past decades in connection with these various phases. The competition area currently includes the Viinikka wastewater treatment plant.